Monday, April 20, 2009

Sen turns 4

Happy Birthday Sen!

Dear Sen,
Thank you for being born.
I am so happy to have
such a sweet little gnome in my life.
It has been such a beautiful adventure getting to know you bette
r everyday.
I hope that you enjoyed your birthday as much as
I have
enjoyed you over the past four years.

...I had lots of fun getting ready for your party.
I hope you liked the mushroom pinata...
and the mushroom cupcakes too..
(and the Bûche de Noë was the chocolate that you asked for,
but I forgot to take a picture)

It was so fun having all of your sweet little woodland friends over...

...and your wonderful family as well.
Your big cousin Kashi, the birthday boy as well,
was such a great help
in keeping everything under control.
It was so special that Nana came all the way to Oregon to
visit you on your birthday.

The birthday garden we planted is already beautiful and
I can't wait to enjoy it with you
over the coming warm months.

I love you Sen!


thanks for being so excited about wearing
your gnome outfit to your birthday celebration
at school on thursday.

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