Sunday, April 12, 2009


On Easter's eve we gathered in the backyard
to prepare nests
in the children's baskets.

The Easter Bunny needs a soft place to leave
his gift
s, of course!

Sen gathered sticks and twigs from the yard while Mark helped Emi.

The house was cleaned and a

fresh bouquet set out to welcome
the Easter Bunny.

...and the next morning the baskets were filled with all sorts
of things to welcome spring, like flowers, seeds,
and fruits, as well as some special wooden
figures - a fairy and gnome set for Miss Emi
and a farming set for Sen.

Then Sen took his empty basket and gathered all the
eggs left in the yard...Emi was not too interested yet.

To add a beautiful afternoon on to a beautiful morning

we traveled up the McKenzie River where Sen
got to hunt for even more eggs with his dear
friend Ella and lots of other friends as well.

and Emi got to find her first Easter egg!

Do you think all that excitement wore anybody out?

Farewell for now and
Happy Easter!

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