Friday, February 13, 2009

Mark Birthday Recap

Waiting for the birthday boy, everyone crams into Sen's room (and our bedroom hallway)

Then we surprise the birthday boy, who thinks he is coming home to a quiet evening and home-cooked pizza. Instead, I tell him to go check up on Sen because he was in a time-out and he gets scared half-to-death and then fed a few slices of Amy's Organic Frozen Pizza (sorry Mark, couldn't really pull of the homemade pizza AND the surprise party now could I?) Good thing: It was definitely a surprise, Bad thing: It was DEFINITELY a surprise - the initial look on his face was more of horror and fright than surprise I'm sad to say, but at least it quickly gave way to the smile you see in the picture above. Next it was on to...

the birthday cake!

...which gets presented to the birthday with the traditional birthday song.

(Do those kids look like they want cake or is it just me?)

Later there is...

Partying, of course...

also kissing,


(with a very beautiful baby, might I add!).

...horsing around (apparently!),

and of course a nice, warm bonfire

where guests hung out

and Mark and his circus friends got to play around with some new juggling toys.

Happy 28th Birthday Mark!

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