Monday, February 2, 2009

the Aya's have it.

On December 6th of last year my very own big sister turned the
big 3-0

in commemoration of that event I made her a special little doll ...

and tucked it in a basket
of small treasures...

Aya had a lovely, toasty fireside birthday at her house with wine and chocolate
cake, which is pretty much all any adult woman really needs...

Aya opens her gift:

(thanks for acting happy aya!)

I would have liked to have shown everyone many more pictures of this most special occasion
but alas, all candle blowing and cake eating happened when I had to run back to our house to pick up the diaper bag that we had forgotten.

Which also explains why I didn't rush home to post about it (that and the general antics involved with having two small children) and have just now put out in cyberspace this happy birthday song.

This one's for you Aya.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy 30th birthday dear Aya,
In 3 years I'll be thirty too.

(thanks for climbing over the hill first big sister)

Love you Aya!

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