Sunday, June 28, 2009

adventures in dogsitting

we have been watching our friends ben and kristi's boston terrier for a few days now. it has gone extremely well - she is great around emi, mustard, and the chickens. This evening Kashi came over for awhile and we all took Angel out for a walk. We had gotten a few houses down when Angel made way into the neighbor's yard to pee. That reminded me I had better get a bag for any other surprises along the way. I ran back into the house and when I came back out with the bag Sen was very excited to hold it, since I had told him that he couldn't hold the leash. When he asked what it was for I explained it to him and he said, "Oh yeah, it's hard work picking up dog poop, huh?"

"Yeah, you're right it kinda is" I responded. Sen tilted his head and looked at me thoughtfully and said, "Yeah, it's hard work for you, not me" and then ran off to catch up with Kashi.

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