Tuesday, December 2, 2008

crafty crawlies

Yesterday Sen, Emi, Aya, Nicholas, and Yama were kind enough to help me search for acorns at Mt. Pisgah, an ideal place as it is an oaktree arboretum.

It was a beautiful and misty fall day, and warm enough that even a few mosquitoes were out. Mt. Pisgah is one of my very favorite places, I love how many different landscapes and ecosystems are in this one park. Unfortunately, as it is so late in the year the acorns were scarce, and I was very lucky to have the help that I did. In the end I got enough acorns, but wouldn't have minded a few more. It was even more worth it for all the beautiful things we saw:

(okay, well maybe the last picture is something only a mother could think is beautiful)

As for the acorns... I'm planning on participating in a craft fair at Dharmalya (a sustainable living center) on December 13th. It will be my first time doing anything like this, and I'm really looking forward to it, although it is stressful trying to figure out how I will have time to make enough things. The acorns will turn into Christmas ornaments, and I also have lots of other things I would like to make. For instance, Isabella:

Since this picture she has been sewn all together and need only a little more stuffing and finishing touches. I'm hoping to make several dolls, some needle-felted play foods and other random things like silk-screened baby onesies and paper lanterns.

And, in breaking news, we now have an official crawler (okay, well maybe creeper) in the funnyface family. Emi started crawling (creeping) the day before Thankgiving and has improved every day since. I thought that I had taken some video of this momentous occasion but it seems as though I just imagined it. Expect something in the next few days.

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